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Activewear For All

Whether you walk around the block or walk to your couch for exercise, we're here for it.

Responsible Production

Third-party auditors visit our factories to ensure ethical production.

Quality Products

Our designers (from Lululemon and Ralph Lauren) create timeless, high-quality products made to last.

1% For Planet

We donate 1% of sales to protect the environment and replenish resources we spend.

Certified B Corp

Fox & Robin is a Certified B Corp, meaning we are legally obligated to optimize for a triple bottom line (social, financial, and environmental).

Nearly all of our competitors are C Corps, meaning they legally exist to optimize for profits (often at the expense of people and our planet).

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“It's hard (impossible, even) to find brands that care about working conditions. Plenty of companies care about the environmental impacts of their garments, but that seems to be where it stops.”

— Fox & Robin Retail Partner

Our Wages

In the global fashion industry, only 2% of factory workers earn a living wage.

Fox & Robin is the first and only activewear brand to disclose its factory workers' wages. Our hope is that we will initiate a larger conversation around appropriate compensation and treatment of those that make the clothes on our backs.

As we grow and have more leverage within the fashion industry, we want to be a force for good and an advocate on behalf of those currently without a voice – factory workers.

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

When journalists report factory collapses, worker abuse, child labor, etc., it is not only news to the public – it is news to the brands responsible.

At Fox & Robin, we do not believe ignorance is bliss. Our supply chain policies and practices (e.g. no subcontracting, in-person audits, a slow fashion model, etc.) ensure we only work with ethical partner factories.

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