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What's With The Name?

Our name is inspired by Robin Hood - someone that will stand up for what is right and for those without a voice.

In the cartoon portrayal of this classic, Robin Hood is a fox. Our marketing geniuses took it from there.

Certified B Corp

Fox & Robin is a benefit corporation. This means we legally exist to optimize for a triple bottom line - financial, social, and environmental.

Nearly all other activewear brands are C Corps and, consequently, are legally bound to maximize profits for shareholders (often at the expense of our planet and factory workers).

1% For The Planet

We donate 1% of sales to environmental NGOs to help protect our planet and replenish the resources we spend.

Forrest Galante, a world-renowned conservationist and member of our Advisory Board, hand selects all non-profits that we support.

See Forrest's first selection here.

Limited Paid Ads

We strive to provide customers the highest quality products at reasonable prices. To accomplish this objective, we spend next to nothing on paid ads.

To have responsible production, quality products, and reasonable prices is quite a task. Something had to give, and we chose paid advertising.

If you are reading this, chances are a friend told you about us. We rely on organic and word-of-mouth advertising to fuel our growth.