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We are not perfect, but we will be perfectly transparent as we tackle the various humanitarian and environmental issues that plague the fashion industry.

The Problem

Rampant subcontracting and a pervasive “ignorance is bliss” mentality have created incredibly opaque supply chains in the global fashion industry. When journalists report factory collapses, worker abuse, child labor, etc., it is not only news to the public – it is news to the brands responsible.

How do brands know if their working conditions are safe if they don’t know which factories to assess? How do they know if workers are compensated fairly if they don’t know who their workers are?

We Know Our Supply Chain

We believe that a responsible supply chain begins with knowing your supply chain. Our supply chain policies and practices:

- We restrict subcontracting and audit all partner factories

- We have direct relationships with all of our partner factories (i.e. we do not use agents to source for us)

- All partner factories are WRAP or SA 8000 certified (indicating ethical production)

- We pay fair prices for products and do not impose unreasonable deadlines

Labor Exploitation

In the pursuit of maximizing profits, brands put intense pressure on factories overseas to make clothes cheaper and more quickly.

Factories, often desperate for western brands’ business, are forced to cut corners to satisfy brands’ unrealistic demands.

Our Workers' Wages

Fox & Robin is the first and only activewear brand to disclose our factory workers’ wages and one of only three fashion brands globally to do so.

Our hope is that transparent wage disclosure will initiate a larger conversation around appropriate compensation and treatment of our constituents abroad that make the clothes on our backs.

Sustainability Initiatives

Things we do to minimize our footprint:

- Eco-friendly fabrics when possible (e.g. our women's leggings low impact set is >70% recycled nylon)

- Timeless, high-quality products made to last

- Plastic-free packaging and use algae ink (a carbon-negative ink)

- We purchase carbon offsets for all shipments, meaning our shipments to customers are carbon neutral

- Donate 1% of sales for the planet. See example of an NGO we gave to here